The ToiletBowl

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Until The MOST InSignigifant Game Is Played This Year!

About the ToiletBowl

Welcome to ToiletBowl Headquarters. For future reference you'll here us refer to "ToiletBowl Headquarters" as "TBHQ". Forgive us, we use as many acronyms around here as we can since the players involved aren't always that bright.

So what is the ToiletBowl? First of all we encourage you to view the Official ToiletBowl History to get a background on this game that matters so much to us. In a nutshell, the ToiletBowl is a football game that is played on Thanksgiving morning (currently in Collierville, TN) and has existed since 1973. That's 39 years of insignificant football!

The game's players started as members of the now defunct Southland Baptist Church but now is expanded to friends of families of some of the original members.

The game has evolved in 39 years; we have a fancy website, we talk lots of trash, but the players are still as awful as they first were in 1973. If you are interested in playing, please contact Poobah. He's the handsome webmaster of this site and facilitator of the game.