The ToiletBowl

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Until The MOST InSignigifant Game Is Played This Year!

Official Rules of the ToiletBowl

Official Rules of the ToiletBowl (2013)

Section 1: Pre-game rules

  1. No fighting.
    1. No cheap shots!
    2. When the whistle blows, the play is over!
  2. The “Poobah” Defector Clause.
    1. No team can modify the pre-selected rosters unless the request is submitted in writing at least 48 in advance of game day and authorized by TBHQ.
  3. Rules concerning referees.
    1. There are no referees. All conflicts solved by Paper-Rock-Scissors.

Section 2: In-game Rules:

  1. The game will begin with a coin toss to decide which team gets ball first.
    1. “Paper, Rock, Scissors” method will be used as a suitable replacement.
  2. Twenty (20) minutes quarters.
    1. Clock is continuous until last two minutes of each half.
  3. There will be NO interception or fumble returns
  4. We will play this game in one direction, like the band but better and with more soul
  5. Possession on kickoffs will be from the 80 yard line
  6. First down is twenty-five (20) yards.
  7. Offense
    1. The Offensive Huddle can last only 10 seconds. At 10 seconds, the referee counts to five for you to snap the ball. Penalty is 5 yards.
  8. Defense
    1. 1 rush every 4 downs, 4 Mississippi count
  9. A player is considered down when:
    1. Knee down, flag off, player out of bounds.
  10. Any player, who ties or attempts to cover his flags to prevent them from being pulled, will be penalized 15 yards

Section 3: Punting and kicking:

  1. Kickoffs
    1. Ball placed on 80 yard line (I know, sounds strange but just go with it)
  2. Punting
    1. “Punts” are NOT returnable and the ball will be placed at the spot of the return.

Section 4: Scoring

  1. Six (6) points are awarded for a touchdown.
  2. Extra point attempts are as follows:
    1. 2pts run, 1pt pass
  3. Two (2) points are awarded for a safety.
  4. Touchdown celebrations are highly encouraged

Section 5: Overtime:

  1. In the event of an overtime period, the NCAA overtime rule will be imposed.
    1. If you do not know the NCAA overtime rule, you are a disappointment to humanity and should not be allowed to participate in our game or produce offspring.

Section 6: Disclaimers:

If there are any rules that are not addressed here, or any that need to be explained further, please refer to the TBHQ “Official Rules and Regulations Handbook”
**Legal Disclaimer: There is no "TBHQ Official Rules and Regulations Handbook". **